JC Crossfire

JC Crossfire is a modern blues band based in South Florida. Joe Cannizzo (JC), the lead guitarist, singer and songwriter, is a national and international blues recording artist. JC has been playing the blues since the early 90’s, inspired by rich and historic blues musicians such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robert Cray, Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy. JC began playing the guitar at the age of 10, when his father saw him playing an air guitar and spotted a guitar on the side of the road for trash pickup and brought it home to his son.

JC Crossfire founder Joseph James Cannizzo, Jr. - Singer Songwriter was born April 4th 1961 in Staten Island N.Y. He started playing guitar at the age of ten. While growing up he had a vast access to music with three older sisters constantly playing records form the 60's and 70's. In 1971, his father who was a New York City sanitation worker brought him home his first guitar that someone had put out in the trash. He got his nick name JC at an early age growing up in N.Y. Back then everyone had a nickname. By 1976 JC started playing local clubs in the tri-state area. In 1979 he married and has two children Joseph Cannizzo, III and Jacquelyn Cannizzo, In the mid 80's JC was performing all over the world sharing the stage with many great musicians. In 1994, JC put together a tribute band to the late great S.R.V. called crossfire thats when JC started writing his own music and never looked back. JC moved to South Florida in 2003 where he met and married his third wife in 2005 Lydia B. Cannizzo.

The essence of JC Crossfire's music is modern heart felt blues with a blues rock edge to it. Their unique brand of catchy lyrics, dynamic vocals, and riveting performances attracts audiences both young and old. Since the age of 10 the band's founder, "JC," has played his electric guitar. It was no surprise that before long the kid from Staten Island would be headlining in many of NYC's most sheik rock n' roll clubs. Few local performing artists write and perform with the depth of emotion and experience that JC has. Listeners from all walks of life will relate to his lyrics describing our trials and tribulations, our passions, and our fears. Whether it's their original songs, their well crafted covers, or their ability to provide the right music for the right audience, JC Crossfire provides "full throttle entertainment," right out of the gate.

While his 3rd CD, “When It Comes To The Blues” is still going strong, and has generated several noted reviews… Blues in the South: “Number 64/100 of the best blues CDs in 2013”; Blues Blast Magazine: “a solid album and is likable on many levels.” “The song writing is very good and shows mature musicianship”Rex Bartholomew; Blues Music Magazine: “modern heartfelt blues sound with a unique repertoire of catchy lyrics and dynamic vocals” Jack Sullivan

The New CD, “AWOL Blues” was inspired by turbulent times and deep rooted feelings of love, life, war and triumphs. Track 10 features the first new song release in 20 years of legendary worldrenowned blues artist Matt “Guitar” Murphy. The song, titled “Sunflower Mississippi,” was cowritten and recorded by Murphy and JC. Another amazing song on the CD is track 6, “Sweet Thing” a duet featuring local singer and song writer in her own right, Marybeth DeSarle. All of JC’s releases are his own original music written, composed and produced.