Full Moon Night in Memphis

Produced by JP Soars and Jeremy Staska

JP Soars - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Dobro,Acoutic Guitar, Lap Steel, 2 String Cigar Box Guitar, Bass (Track 4)
Chris Peet - Drums, Tamborine, Bass (Track 6)
Todd Edmunds - Upright and Electric Bass

Special Guests

Terry Hanck - Tenor Sax (Track 14)
Scott Ankrom - Baritone Sax (Track 7) Clarinette (Track 11)
Chaim Rubinov - Trumpet (Tracks 7, 11)
Brandon Santini - Harmonica (Tracks 1, 12)
Mark "Muggy Doo" Leach - Hammond B3 Organ (Tracks 2,9,10)
Steve Laudicina - 2nd Guitar (Track 6)
Raul Hernandez - Percussion (Tracks 4,13)
Teresa James - 2nd Vocal (Track 12)
Pat Ward, Allie Balducci, Joseph Bloom - Backing Vocals (Track 7)

Recorded, mixed and mastered at STUDIO 13 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
by Jeremy Staska, assisted by Joshua Staska
Cover design by Mike Pucciarelli
Lay out by JP Soars and Jeremy Staska
Photography by Jim Zielinski


1. Full Moon Night in Memphis (JP Soars)
2. Back to Broke (JP Soars / All That)
3. Makes no Sense (JP Soars)
4. Somethin' Ain't Right (JP Soars)
5. Mean Old World (T-Bone Walker, Michael H. Goldsen)*
6. Savin' All My Lovin' (JP Soars)
7. Reefer Man (J. Russel Robinson, Andy Razaf, Steve Roberts, Joe Hoover)*
8. Way Back Home (JP Soars)
9. The Back Room (JP Soars)
10. Thorn in My Side (JP Soars)
11. Viper (JP Soars)
12. The Road has Got Me Down (JP Soars)
13. Lil' Mamacita (JP Soars)
14. Missin' Your Kissin' (JP Soars)

All Songs copyright Soars High Song Factory except * B.M.I.
©2014 Soars High Productions.